The City of Cambridge Brass Band is based in Cambridge, England, and has entertained local and international audiences for over 100 years.

The object of the Band is to advance the education of the general public in the art (and science) of British Brass Band music through the provision of public concerts and recitals and training in brass music skills. The Band also competes in a number of contests, including the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

The band’s playing members are all amateur musicians, playing brass instruments ranging from cornets to tubas, as well as a full complement of percussion instruments. Some of the Band members act as (voluntary) officials on an executive committee, meeting regularly to oversee the general management of the Band.

The Band is presently self-financing, income being generated from concerts, fund-raising events, subscription fees and donations. This is used to cover a variety of costs such as buying instruments and music, hiring rehearsal facilities, insurance and contest entry fees. The Band is however, always on the lookout for sponsorship from local businesses.